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I understand this document is highly lacking in Visuals, but currently that is something I personally am not sure I can 100% provide. As the main maker of this games design document I wanted to leave space for other peoples creative influences to be applied to the document, if it got progressed to the point where it was made into a virtual slice or even the whole game itself.

It isn’t that easy to do when you complete everything and then ask someone else to redraw what you have already done prior to their input towards the GDD.

This is something that must be done though, Be if they are simple visuals, or detailed, it is something that will be completed within the next few days. I am pointing out these images are not 100% set in stone as GDD’s are more commonly a group task, so I don’t want to take someone else’s thunder from them.

…Off to visual work I go.

Naming the game

GDD_CA_Names.jpgHaving made my own Alphabet to use within the game, I thought it would be best to test it out with the possible names of the game. As a visual I prefer the way the word ‘Fragment’ is written out in the newly made lettering, but over all I have floated and confirmed ‘Episodic’ would be the name of the game.

Health Colour

As I have said in my Mechanics page that a players HP is indicated through the colour of the environment, this is something I am sure I want to indeed have in the final game (unless team is convinced otherwise, and rather convincing themselves on the alternative). I have said that the difference between the two of them would be the hue and or the brightness but having thought about it, I have decided to change it to another method.

While you are possessing someone it will get darker (black tones) until you are officially considered dead (The person you have possessed), and when you are ‘dying’ again in your spirit form, it becomes brighter (more white tones) until its a white and you are put back into a check point.

This would make more sense and make it easier to understand between the HP visuals between the two perspectives.


Having gone through all the research I had actually done on GDD’s, and all that was advised to look into. I realised some of the smarter things to do with these things is to keep it almost as simple as possible and to try and get as much across with as little as possible. Basically make my points as clear as possible.

This will come in handy if and when I need to present and do something know as a ‘Pecha Kucka‘.

Possessed Enemies

While going through the enemies and their rankings I had to plan out the Attack, detection and reactions for some of the enemies I plan to place into the game – that would blend in, giving off the impression of a NPC – The Church, The Flagellant and The Infected.

With these groups I have to consider a large amount of things that may not be possible, and that which could be possible at my current abilities.

I wanted to consider how they would act, being in a ‘normal’ situation, having their own lives throughout – trying to hide the base story in a soft manner.

Seeing as I want them to be like NPCs, and only showing aggression to those who show signs of behaviours which they would deem odd, the things I have currently thought about are…

  • How would this be possible?
  • What would need to be applied to the game to make this run smoothly?
  • Alternative detection sequence.
  • Would this even be possible with this style of game?
  • Is this going to make detection for the player too difficult.
  • Randomly accusing NPC’s throughout the game.

With this in mind, the progression continues to try and create a range of obstacles for the player to hit throughout the game.


Having listed out the rankings of both the Possessed enemies and the Spirit enemies, I have put some thought into the idea of a ‘Boss’. Thinking of both Pros and Cons for applying them into the game, but not enough currently to completely sell me on the idea of creating them, some of my examples of these pros and cons are the following:


  • Alternative challenge routes – Branch stories.
  • More graphics to consider.
  • Represent more things connected to research and story.
  • Harder challenges possible for players.


  • Lacking in reward system.
  • More graphics to consider.
  • Lacking with connection to storyline (Small).
  • Look at alternative way to apply more challenge to already challenging battles.

This is something to consider, and place more thought into, something for a later date.

Re: Mind Games

The things I want to consider is which would make more sense while using a keyboard and applying a certain level of difficulty, to use obviously during battles.

What questions can I use if I produce a survey to try and figure out which to use. What age group should I try and target and avoid. How many questions do you ask to get the point across to not only the person answering but myself – without over whelming the person answering also.

If the idea of using the number pad is void, how will I show an increase of difficulty to the challenges you would face in game.

With the two versions of Challenges being memory and reaction, how would I then get them to work smoother and show that on screen for the player to understand.

A timer to indicate how long you have to type in the sequence could be an option.


As a indicator and something to support me with in my decisions that I have been recommended to read:

Schell, J., 2008, The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses, CRC – Chapter 11 & 12.

Experience and Reward

This is something I’m not 100% sure how I will apply into the game, and at this rate I am not even sure if I want it in the game in the end, but this all depends on how smooth the battling mechanics can be sorted out.

Experience can lead to rewards, but the rewards obviously have to be something good enough for people to want to continue to play, if they are lacking the attachment and interest with the story line.

A reward system is something you have to put a lot of thought into, due to this, it  tends to be something that can bring forward interest if you are lacking in another department within the gameplay.

Once you begin getting somewhere, you realise you have begun adding more things into it without intending to.

Mind games

While going through the controls and how I wanted them to be, though after some thought I have come to a point where I am unsure on one of my decisions. I have given the option of W,A,S,D or the arrows (Up, Left, Down and Right) – and now considering scrapping this and using the number pad found on most keyboards used. The only thing it would make it difficult would be for those using things such as laptops (Possibly), thus something to consider another thing to think about.

I have put some thought into the idea of it being something I could apply if I decide to have a difficulty option.

This will mean further looking into things and how I should make it be smoother and less annoying for the players.